<h2>Portfolio on Gatsby &amp; Netlife is very fast and optimized. Part-1</h2><p></p>
April 5, 2020

Portfolio on Gatsby & Netlife is very fast and optimized. Part-1

Fast and convenient Gatsby.js

This is a React static site generator that creates your site as “static” files that can be easily deployed to dozens of services. Gatsby himself recommends the Netlify platform. This is a universal platform that simplifies most everyday tasks (build, test, deployment, form processing, etc.) Netlify can bind to GitHub which allows you to build directly from the repository. And at the same time he has a free tariff which is enough for everyday tasks.

• Let's start with the first step. Create an account on github and create your first repository. • Go to the quick start page and using the npm install -g gatsby-cli command, install Gatsby cli • After installation, use the gatsby new gatsby-site command to create our first project. I recommend immediately paying attention to the starters tab you can use immediately ready-made assemblies for your applications in different groups and directions. More introductory information can be found at this link. Now that we have deployed the project locally, we can try to launch it for this. We use the gatsby develop command. This will give us the opportunity to see our project at http://localhost:8000/ After reviewing our site, we can return to the Git repository. Being in the project directory we execute teams in a row git init git add . git commit -m 'initial' git remote add origin https://github.com/you-name/you-repository git push -u origin master After the successful execution of all commands, we can see in our repository all the files of the newly created project. Now we need to register on the Netlify service.

• We select registration through Github. • We use a free tariff plan. After registering at the point to add a new site, select Github and our repository. We are waiting for the completion of the project assembly and check the link.

Congratulations on your site online!

Alexander Vorotov
Posted by: Alexander Vorotov