<h2>Portfolio on Gatsby &amp; Netlife is very fast and optimized. Part-2</h2><p></p>
April 8, 2020

Portfolio on Gatsby & Netlife is very fast and optimized. Part-2

Today we continue our discussion of Gatsby.js + Netlify.

If you have everything that I described in the last article, then I congratulate you on your site online, you can start sharing the link with your friends. True link has an unreadable look. Today we will try to fix it with you. We select point 2. And familiarize ourselves with the prices of the domain name that interests us.

default setings

But there is a way to register a domain name for free, we will use the Freenom service in it, we will register and reserve the right to own the domain for a year (free renewal 15 days before the deadline). After registering a domain name, add the domain to Netlife.

Since our domain is registered with another provider, we need to redirect DNS traffic to Netlify. For this, we pay attention to the Nameservers tab and copy all the addresses.

We return to Freenom follow this link, select the Manage domain item in it, go to the Manage Freenom DNS tab, make the entries that we received on Netlify. After saving, we return to Netlify in the Domains tab and see a banner about the successful transfer of traffic. After that, activate HTTPS.

Our site now has a human-readable domain name.

In the next article, we will configure our project with all the necessary plugins for SEO.

Thank you for attention!

Alexander Vorotov
Posted by: Alexander Vorotov